Step by step Process
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    Artist signs up as a member by filling up the registration form.

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    Once signed in, update your portfolio and demoreel along with your personal and professional info.

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    From this point you will have access to Animportal. you will be assigned a trail membership to begin with.

  • 4

    Our creative team will then rate your work and offer you packages to chose from.

You can go through all the available packages and once you are a paid member of animportal you can enjoy Animportal to its fullest.

Things to remember
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    As a trail member you will have limited access to Animportal.

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    Trail members will be visible but wont be given priority for studio viewing purposes.

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    Only paid member will have their ratings/portfolio displayed for studio viewing.

  • 4

    Make sure to go through the benefits on the packages that you are buying

You will be rated out of 8 Animpoints.
Frequently asked question....

1 what is animportal ?

Ans :- ANIMPORTAL is the world's largest database for Animation Demoreel and portfolios.Its the world's largest online platform where artists and studios can come together under one roof to present their work to each other.

2 where do I sign up ?

Ans :- There are 2 way to sign up. 1. on the home page Scroll down to the middle of the page to the requirement section. 2. On every page in the footer section you will find the section for Artist and studio sign up.

3 where do I edit my portfolio ?

Ans :- You have the option of uploading your porfolio while you sign up. Once you have signed up, you can find EDIT PROFILE option in the pull down menu on the top right section under your registered name. you can edit all your information in that section.

4 I have aplied for a job, where do I get to see my job applications ?

Ans :- you can find the jobs you have applied in the pull down menu on top right corner under you registered name. You will find the option job applications sent.

5 I bought a package but I cant access my account. Why ?

Ans :- Apologies for this. this usually is a very simple fix. please send us an email at with the subject line CANNOT ACCESS ACOUNT - please make sure to mention your details. Name registered email id Which package you chose. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

6 what is the difference between the artist wall and artist profile ?

Ans :- Artist wall - is like your Facebook profile page. you will find all your information on this page. this page in only visible to you. you can also edit all your information on this page. Artist profile : this page is visible to other artist and studios. You WILL NOT have the option to edit anything on this page. Any information needs to be changed from artist wall.

7 what is bookmarking ?

Ans :- Bookmarking is shortlisting your favourite artists and studios in one place where you have easy access to what they are upto at your convenience.

8 How does message work ?

Ans :- Through AnimBOX you can freely communicate with other artists and studios. just select the studio/artist and send them a message. This is a great way of communicating with others.

9 how does promotion and crituques work ?

Ans :- This is an extra feature that we like to provide to our registered members. promotion : any artist who has been rated over 3 Animpoints will have the option of being his work promoted by us on our main page. we will showcase your work and info on all our social media platforms for a time period of 1 month. critique : you can get your work critiqued by one of our Mentors. you will get a half n hr to 1 hr video of our mentors talking about your work and what you can do to improve it.